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Different Types Of uPVC windows

High Performance uPVC Door & Window Glass Solutions

With the widest glass product portfolio in the country, we offer customized glass solutions to meet your needs. Fabricated at the AIS state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, each door and window is designed to meet our high standards of perfection. This is made possible with the aid of our advanced and fully-automated machines, supported by world-class hardware technologies and top-of-the-line uPVC profile extrusions.

The combination of the right glass and the best profiles & hardware components makes for better uPVC doors & windows. The complete product offering is further complemented by an expert service proposition that work with you to ensure you get a solution that suits you best. From site survey, design consultation and expert installation to post-installation support, AIS VUE trained experts and professionals are with you every step.

With glass, being the new trend in the aesthetic design market, we have a large array of Glass doors, Glass Windows as well as french doors and windows. French doors and windows look impressive and give the room an open feel. We also provide soundproof glass windows that block out noise and provide you an increased comfort level. We also have traditional styled French doors and windows and much more. The design is elegant, space saving and beautifies your home to give it a serene atmosphere. The design is also made as per your requirement. AIS VUE Glass Doors and Glass Windows are very energy efficient too, and help you cut down on your electricity bill. Besides being energy efficient, AIS VUE safeguards your homes with security glass and a sturdy range of handles and hinges- providing great security as well as looking great around your home.

The AIS VUE portfolio spans across five categories. Every solution is crafted with the strategic intent to solve one or many challenges that a home, office or institution owner may face.

Different Types of uPVC Doors & Windows 

  • EcoVUE - Energy-Saving Solutions: Reduce electricity usage. Cut energy costs.
  • SilentVUE - Noise Cancelling Solutions: Cut out the noise from your interiors and keep them tranquil. Soundproofing your room helps in reducing the sound up to 75%. So now you can enjoy your sleep without being disturbed when you sound proof your room.
  • SafeVUE - Safety Solutions: No cuts, no injuries. Even if the glass breaks. Basically this is a toughened safety glass.
  • GuardVUE - Security Solutions: Ensure peace of mind by eliminating the risk of burglar entry. This toughened glass helps to keep your homes burglar free so now you won’t have to worry about your house, he has guard now to protect him.
  • CustomVUE - Personalized Solutions: Multiple-benefits depending on your unique requirement.